May 11, 2019

5 Benefits of Hiring Freelancers in the UAE

5 benefits of hiring freelancers in the UAE

Are you a UAE-based company or business, big or small, established or a start-up looking at getting more bang for your bucks? Well then, read on to find out how a growing breed of professionals are shattering organizational hierarchies and proving to be the preferred talent-pool across varied sectors like communication, design, marketing, advertising, production and more.

In the UAE, Freelancersare increasingly becoming the Hiring Manager and Business Owner’s favourites for ample reasons than one. In support, the UAE government has launched easy and affordable Freelancer License Packages to allow businesses tap into this workforce for cost-effective benefits.

As the providers of top, licensed Freelancers for companies in the UAE, let us at Maslaha highlight how hiring a Freelancer can turn around things in favour of your business.

  1. Cut Costs

This tops the list, especially in the UAE where hiring is expensive because it involves visa costs, employee medical insurance, home country flights, and other benefits. These costs do not have to be covered by employers with licensed Freelancers, significantly bringing down overhead costs.

  1. Increase Flexibility

Ever been in a situation where an urgent project required extra resources? Freelancers to the rescue. They are often available on a short-notice and for any duration of time that the work demands. No strain on your budget to hire a full-time employee and absolutely no compromises on delivery deadlines and quality.

  1. Save Time

Timelines are sacred for Freelancers. They thrive on swift and timely delivery because it’s one of the ways they build credibility. As organizational outsiders, they seldom engage in office politics or banter that are the usual suspects in project delays. No nonsense. Pure commitment to quality and true to timelines.

  1. Raise Quality

Freelancers work on an independent basis, so they go out of their way to consistently deliver high quality of work in order to secure repeat business and maintain their client network. So it’s a win-win for both parties involved.

  1. Call the Experts

Got a one-off project that requires a Content Writer? Or a Programmer? Why waste time and resources hiring anyone full-time when you have access to an entire community of licensed Freelancers in the UAE, who are experts in the respective fields. You can select the one that fits your task to a T.



The first step to hiring an experienced and licensed Freelancerfor your business in the UAE is to start at [Maslaha]. We connect you to a talented database of freelance professionals in every field, ready with their sharp skills and impressive references to benefit your business. Tell us about your requirements in our easy briefing template, or alternatively talk to us about your specific skill needs and we’ll find you a maslaha match in no time (Contact Us). Fully licensed. Competently experienced. And completely reliable.


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