Fees & Pricing


Signing up on the platform                                                                FREE

Sending a quote                                                                                   FREE

Credit withdrawal (bank transfer payment)                                     FREE

Bringing a new client to the platform                       + 3% added from client’s budget
                                                                                                 for the first project*

* What you see as a project’s budget is what you will be paid. Our fees would already have been deducted from the client’s budget. Should you bring a new client to work on a project with you, using the “Generate Promo code” feature on your profile, you can avail a 3% added value to the client’s budget which you see in the project budget (i.e our fees from the client will be 7% instead of 10% once he uses the promo code you will provide him).


Signing up on the platform                                                                FREE

Posting a project brief                                                                        FREE

Credit deposit (bank transfer payment)                                   AED 1=1 Credit

Website Fees (commission)                               – 10% of project budget
                                                                                         (deducted from budget)

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