September 5, 2019

Filling the gaps in the gigs for UAE Freelancers


‘Put yourself in our shoes and then you’ll understand our challenges’. This, we often hear from both our clients and licensed freelancers. The good news is – We Hear You! Maslaha, the newest site for UAE licensed freelancers is unlike any of your regular, run-of-the-mill freelancer platforms with a set template and standard rules for all parties and projects.

Been there, done that. So we know exactly what clicks and what needs a tweak. We also understand that it can be a very confusing and daunting task to place yourself on the right freelancer platform amongst so many that are popping up every day like popcorn.

To make things easier, remember that as a freelancer, you have stepped out of the box. Therefore, it’s only fair that the platform you choose to be associated with is distinctly different too.

At Maslaha, we have twisted a few norms, broken away from convention and even introduced systems to streamline the process from freelance project planning to payment management. We know our role and do things differently so you don’t end up as a square peg in a round hole.

Legally Locked

It’s high time freelancers are taken seriously and their interests safe guarded. Maslaha is the only freelancer site in the UAE that drafts customized freelance contracts between clients and freelancers. This ensures that all parties involved are committed and accountable with legal implications in case of conflicts. Sign the dotted line and seal your gig.


Simplified Briefing

With customized templates, briefing is no rocket science for Maslaha clients. As another first, the Maslaha brief template is tailored to convey project requirements and goals according to specific skills in a quick, easy and clear-cut manner. Just post your job, fill in the required fields and rest assured that you won’t be surprised with a burrito when you had ordered a burger!


Advance Payment

While most platforms offer not more than 30% as advance freelancer payment, Maslaha steps up the game with a whopping 50%. As a freelancer, you will start work only after an advance payment of half the agreed fees is received on your behalf by Maslaha followed by a notification on the platform so you can focus 100% on delivering quality work instead of chasing payment


Budget Wise

Clients are here to get more bang for their bucks. Freelancers are here to justify their talent and skills according to the hours spent. Therefore, to be fair to both, Maslaha is the only site that sets client budgets at a minimum of AED 1,100 so freelancers can claim a decent and deserving share that’s worth their salt and sweat.


Smart Transfers

Sending big files can test anyone’s patience. Maslaha eliminates file frustrations by being the first to integrate WeTransfer (www.wetransfer.com) within the workspace and facilitate swift file transfers of up to 2GB without leaving the site. Click, blink and it’s sent.


Tracking Tools

Between hiring and project completion, Maslaha clients can now keep a tab on the job progress instead of just twiddling thumbs in anticipation. Our unique timesheet-tracking tool allows freelancers to submit their check-in and check-out times, lists all jobs, approvals and overtime hours in order to invoice accurately and compensate fairly. Keeping you in the loop and leaving no scope for loopholes.



At Maslaha, you are our muse. We rely solely on feedback and suggestions from our freelancers and clients to fill the existing gaps with unique solutions and tools. Whether you are a client looking at hiring a licensed freelancer in the UAE or a gig-seeking talent, window-shop for the right freelancer platform and its offerings that cater to your needs. 

Seek exclusivity. Find flexibility.

Because, you either differentiate or disappear.


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