March 7, 2020

Freelancing – The perfect career for women who want it all, their way!

Women Freelancer

Work, home, ambitions, earnings, growth … all of these have rarely been used in the same breath for working women. But the recent boom of freelancing opportunities in all fields have created opportunities and given women the power to choose and shape their careers without compromises.

Freelancing offers the freedom you seek and the advantages you deserve to achieve an upward career that suits your lifestyle. Whatever your life choices, there’s nothing you can’t achieve with a work desk at home!


Free to travel

As long as you have connectivity and a device, you can work from anywhere, even while sipping sundowners on a Bali beach. Just be mindful of the time differences with your clients and you can have the best of all worlds.

 Free to enjoy family time

No guilt working at a desk and wondering if your child is ok at home. Just hop over from your work room to the living room and you have the flexibility of dividing your time equally both ways.

Free to make career choices

What better than having the authority to choose projects and set your own terms?

For smart, driven women freelancingis the way forward. You are your own boss and under no obligation to accept a job that isn’t worth your time and skills.

Here’s where you start your freelancing career

Maslaha, as founded by a career-driven woman and a new mother for freelancers in the UAE, is all about creating home-based jobsand providing a platform for women to earn, work and choose their priorities.

We know. We understand. That’s why Maslaha was created to guide women into an empowering position with limitless choices. Find clients, land projects and most importantly, start earning on your own terms. We connect you to top employers in the UAE looking for freelancers and this is your space to get your gigs.


If you are in the UAE, get a Freelance Licenseas detailed here https://maslaha.ae/freelancing-in-the-uae-the-5-step-guide-to-doing-it-right/and you’re on a roll!


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