Talking To An Expert Lets You Get The Answers
& Assistance You Need Within Minutes

With work from home now becoming the new norm (for the time being), we want to remove any limitations there may be when it comes to getting answers for your questions, or getting assistance for anything be it technical or about setting up a company in the UAE or Offshore or anything else that come across your mind. Our experts come from all over the world and are happy to discuss your questions and guide you through each step of any troubleshooting or assitance needed. We have made this process easy and accessible by integrating the 3 most commonly used apps Google Hangouts, Skype & Team Viewer where calling, screen sharing is possible all over the globe!

How It Works

It is quiet simple and happens in these 4 easy steps:

Sign up as a caller or an expert (it’s free!)

Caller: Search for the expert,
then make a call request.

Expert: Complete your profile
(add your hourly rate & CV)

Caller: Once the call request is accepted,
pay the fees for the requested minutes to
initiate the call.

Expert: Wait for the payment to be processed
by the Caller (we will notify you) to receive the call.

Caller: Rate the Expert after the call is
completed to help him/her get future
call requests.

Calls That Are Free And Smart!


To make this service a lot more easier and user friendly and cost efficient we have integrated the below smart apps within our platform to allow all callers and experts to communicate with one another (that’s in addition to having a regular phone call if you prefer to). Through these apps we hope to bridge any gaps in communication there may be and make it easy to get the assistance you need through sharing your screens, or having more than one person join the call!

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